Oak Class

Autumn Term 2021

And what a busy Autumn Term it has been in Oak Class!  In Maths we have consolidated our understanding of place value and learned efficient methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as tackling percentages and fractions. 

English – First of all, we read a lovely picture book for older children called the Matchbox Diary. This book covered the grown up theme of immigration from Italy to America in the 1920s. It has also seen us reading Freedom by Catherine Johnson – a book dealing with the theme of slavery – following which the children wrote their own story telling of the dreadful lives of those who were enslaved. 

The events of 1066 have been covered in History and the children have enjoyed making their own models of the battlefield, learning about the Bayeux Tapestry and of Harold’s death at the hands of the Normans. ‘The Normans’ has been our topic this term, and the children have really enjoyed learning about this important period in English history.

Avril and Maddy with their Norman models


All Living Things was the topic in Science, when the children researched and prepared factsheets on an animal of their choice, which we researched in depth online as part of our computing lessons.  

The children have studied the Hindu gods, festivals and beliefs in Religious Education, and constructed a Sukkah for the Jewish Sukkat festival. They have also learnt about philosophy and thought hard about what praying actually is in terms of lots of different religions.

In Music with our specialist music teacher Mrs Brocklehurst, their learning has included beats, rhythm and different styles of music. Oak Class have created beats using IT.

The children have also taken part in French and PE lessons with our specialist teachers Madame Harvey and Mr Wilson, respectively learning about feminine, masculine and plural nouns; and, on the playing field, rugby and rounders. More recently, this half term, we have been learning gymnastics in the hall.

We were also lucky enough to be taught how to ride bikes safely on the road for four whole days. The bikeability tutors who taught Oak Class said that the children were very polite and hard working. Here is Kani with her cycling certificate

In addition to their usual science work, the children have put their heart and soul into learning about the COP26 Conference and preparing speeches about climate change for the Harvest Festival (which was unfortunately rescheduled online).

In the last few weeks, we have been preparing games for the Christmas Fair – which included designing and constructing hand-made games, as well as providing prizes – creating  a Christingle orange, and making a shepherd for their nativity scene. It is a Fairhaven tradition that each year all the children make a nativity figure. For those children in Year 6, having made one for the last six years, this is their final piece.

Looking back over the term makes us realise just how much we have packed into this long but very enjoyable term! 

Ashton and Noah constructing their Battle of Hastings model.

Topic Statements

For more detailed information about what we learn during our topics have a look at our topic statement:

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Oak Class Topic Statement (1)
Oak Class Topic Overview Autumn 2021

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