Curriculum and Learning

“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.”
Vernon Howard

Fairhaven C.E V.A Curriculum Statement

January 2023


Our school aims to provide high-quality education within a safe and nurturing environment rooted in Christian beliefs, values, and practices. We aim to enable all our pupils to be “The very best they can be” in all they do.

We are a small rural school in the heart of the Norfolk Broadlands. Our location is important to us, and we intend to ensure our pupils know and appreciate its fauna and flora, wildlife habitats, history, and environmental importance. By understanding our locality, pupils will be able to relate to other natural landscapes and environmental issues both nationally and globally.

Our primary curriculum aims to give pupils a broad and balanced diet of study. We want our pupils to know the different disciplines they study and understand the skills and aptitudes they need to accomplish each of them.


Our teachers are working together to plan a broad, balanced, and progressive curriculum where previous learning is revisited, and new knowledge is constantly added. Subject-specific vocabulary is identified and taught in all subjects. We aim to develop the children’s oracy skills by encouraging them to explain their learning to each other and others. Our governors play an important part in this by listening to pupils speak about their learning.

Our four core values of Belief – Friendship – Diversity – Achievement are the golden threads that run through everything we do and teach. By highlighting these themes throughout our curriculum, our pupils can understand how, throughout history, successful individuals, groups, and whole civilisations have benefitted from upholding these values.

We do not set limits for our pupils; instead, we follow a positive, growth mindset approach where there is no ceiling for the level of achievement our pupils can reach. We are ambitious for them and know that establishing a culture of excellent learning behaviours is essential to ensuring good progress and achievement. Calm and self-regulated pupils can attentively listen, can actively participate in lessons, and therefore can learn. In turn, this promotes self-esteem and the motivation to learn more. This is why children’s mental and physical well-being is hugely important to us, and we seek to help children understand their well-being by having weekly whole-school conversations and class lessons about the many areas well-being encompasses.

The school’s golden rule of Kind Words and Kind Hands sets a simple but clear message around the standard of behaviour expected, and all our pupils are expected to keep this rule.

Our Forest School curriculum complements and overlaps many of the objectives we take from the National Curriculum. It also enables us to develop a respect and love of nature and helps us to provide active learning experiences. Our curriculum is extended through extra-curricular activities, class trips, and residential visits.


Throughout their time at Fairhaven Church of England Primary School, pupils learn to be confident, respectful individuals. They know how to be a good friend to others, what a good friend looks like, and the importance of making the right choices. They understand why leading a healthy, active, and happy lifestyle is important. They know they are custodians of our world, and they have an appreciation of why it is important to and how they can tread lightly on our planet.

Throughout all our teaching, we encourage our pupils to explore their interests, find their talents flourish, and live life to the full. We want our children to live great lives and ultimately make a difference in the world.

“Each person has their own special gift from God.”

(1 Corinthians 7.7)

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