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Welcome to Chestnut Class. This is our Year 1 and 2 class. Miss Ampleford is our class teacher and is supported by Mrs Corson, Mrs Owen and Mrs Menaul.

Spring 2023 Overview of Learning

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Topic Statement

Chestnut Spring 23 Minibeasts Topic Statement

Spring Timetable

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Autumn 2022

Chestnut Class have made an excellent (and busy) start to the school year and have already made so much progress in their learning – from developing their own castle inspired collages, to investigating and solving mysterious fairy tale crimes!

The topic this term has been ‘castles’ which the children have thoroughly enjoyed. They have learnt about the different features of castles and their purposes, how and why they have changed over time, and can now confidently tell you exactly how to attack and defend a castle!  Throughout becoming such experts they have built their own miniature castles, role played a reenactment of the Battle of Hastings, and have even conducted their own science experiment to see which objects travel the furthest distance when launched from a catapult!

The children have also enjoyed exploring their topic further within art lessons. Inspired by Paul Khlee’s ‘castle and sun’, Chestnut have experimented with a range of materials and layering techniques to create their own collages in their sketchbooks (which they were very excited about using!).

In Literacy we have been focusing on traditional tales and fairy tales which have inspired a range of brilliant writing throughout the term. The class were particularly surprised to find out that one morning before school, a fairytale character had actually snuck into the breakfast club and had stolen some of the porridge! The children were quick to put their detective hats on to help Officer King solve the mystery. They investigated the crime scene for clues, created descriptive wanted posters, investigated suspects and eventually wrote their own instructions on ‘how to catch a porridge thief’.

In Chestnut we love to create engaging environments and activities like these to help the children become more immersed into their learning. We find that by doing this they enjoy their learning much more, feel that it is more purposeful and are inspired to produce some fantastic pieces of work.

For more information about what we have learnt during our topic this term, have a look at our topic statement below.

Autumn 2022 Topic Statement