Chestnut Class

Welcome to Chestnut Class. This is our Year 1 and 2 class. Miss Ampleford is our class teacher and is supported by Mrs Corson, Mrs Owen and Mrs Menaul.

Autumn Term 2021

This term Chestnut Class has done some fantastic learning surrounding our topic on Space. We started off the term finding out about the different phases of the moon and even recreated the lunar cycle using oreo cookies!

We learnt lots of interesting facts about Neil Armstrong and the first moon landing, and enjoyed dressing up as spacemen to reenact his journey. We have spent time learning about the planets, their key features and potato printed their order from distance from the sun.

We also got to experience the Gaia Exhibit at St Peter Mancroft Church in Norwich. We had a brilliant day exploring the giant Earth installation and reflecting on what it might be like to be an astronaut in space looking down at the Earth for the first time. 

More recently we have been learning about materials of objects and their properties. We conducted an investigation into which material would make the best space suit. The class were split into groups to create a space suit using one specific material. We then put them through a range of tests to see which would be the strongest, warmest and most flexible material to use. (We had lots of giggles watching the astronaut volunteers try to do star jump and make it round the obstacle course!)

We have also found out a little bit about the perseverance rover and accepted the challenge of designing and making our own Mars rovers. The goal was to design a rover that could protect a ‘payload’ as it parachuted down and landed on Mars. We worked in pairs to make a moving mars rover, using wheels, axles and a boiled egg as the payload. There was lots of excitement testing our rovers as we dropped them from the playground equipment bridge. We looked to see if the ‘payload’ had survived – only a few scrambled eggs in all! 

At some point throughout the half term, Chestnut Class had also found out that something mysterious had happened in the wildlife garden. We had to be detectives and investigate the clues around the garden to discover what we thought might have happened. It turned out that a lost alien had crashed her spaceship and was hiding somewhere in the school. This linked up to the story of Beegu that we were reading in our English lessons. We made missing posters to put up around the school, wrote diary entries in role and even had a go at rewriting our own stories about Beegu. 

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