Oak Class

This year in Oak Class, we will be learning about ‘The Ancient Maya’ in our Autumn topic lessons. This is a history and geography-based topic. In the spring term, our topic is the ‘Computer World’ and is science/maths-based. In the summer term, our topic is ‘Trees’ and this is science and geography based.

In maths lessons, we follow the national curriculum for KS2. The materials we use are exciting and very visual. Children learn lots of new skills and vocabulary in KS2, and they are building on the learning from years 3 and 4. 

We have daily maths lessons every morning and use different learning strategies, so that all learning styles are included. We mark our homework and classwork together in class; learning from our mistakes. Every day starts with ‘Early morning work’.

We operate a ‘Challenge Approach’, meaning that children are encouraged to challenge themselves and stretch to more challenging tasks and problems. We are really trying to develop growth mindset in all our learning, accepting that we are all at different stages of learning and that we can attempt anything.

In English, we are reading extract from different great books throughout the year. We are learning from authors! We have so far written in the style of J.K. Rowling. We will be writing fiction and non-fiction texts. We have high expectations for grammar, spelling and handwriting in Oak Class, and expect children to self-edit or peer edit their work. Grammar and reading are given a very keen focus. We read daily in different small groups, and listen in individual readers as often as possible. We are lucky to have Mrs Walker, retired teacher and governor to listen to readers on a voluntary basis twice weekly in Oak Class.

Summer 2023 Overview of Learning

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Summer 2023 Timetable

Oak Timetable Summer 2023

Spring 2023 Overview of Learning

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Spring 23 Timetable

Timetable Spring 23 Oak

Autumn Topic Statement

For more detailed information about what we learnt during our Autumn topic have a look at our topic statement:

Topic Overview Autumn 2022 Mayans